A CAUSE FOR ENDURANCE website design / branding / photography / social media   A Cause for Endurance is a non-profit organization based in Orange County, CA with a mission to raise money for various charities and causes through long-distance running.   I was asked to create branding, photos, a website, and manage social media.  The goal of the website was to encourage donations and relay information regarding upcoming events and news. While working with the client, it was decided that a fun but clean and minimalistic approach would best serve those desires.   An infinite scrolling layout was implemented for ease of finding information with the least amount of clicking possible, with the idea that the more time spent on one single continuous page, the more we could hold onto the visitor, and the more likely they would donate. All relevant navigation and outside links would remain in a sticky header, including the donation link.  Speaking of the logo and wanting to echo the same simple playful atmosphere of the site, it was developed to have a distinct feel of a fast moving pen, or marker, similar to what a runner may scribble out while on the move. The additional illustration surrounding the social media icon, mimics that of a crayon to involve the kids ACFE is raising money for.      acauseforendurance.com
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